A naturally uplifting
massage for face and mind.

More than skin deep

Rooted in the holistic practice of Ayurveda (meaning: science of life) this treatment requires no oil or cream. It relies solely on the power of touch. Using intricate, upward strokes to release restrictions and tensions in the muscles and connective tissue of the face, this massage brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Lifts Your Spirits

Remaining fully clothed and cocooned in warm blankets, the rejuvenating process concentrates entirely on the face and neck. This powerful but gentle massage relieves stress and lifts your spirit, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

The massage itself lasts an hour and fifteen minutes, but I do not rush you back to reality – the time it takes is the time you need to let go.

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I am Yuva

After a full and varied working life, I was ready for a new challenge that didn’t involve a computer. Once I’d experienced the powerful healing effects of this treatment for myself, I knew I had found my vocation and trained as a therapist.

With every session, I continue to find it a complete joy to witness the transformation as my hands help to reconnect body and mind, through this deeply relaxing face massage.

To book a treatment, please call Lucinda on 07774 244 300 or email info@yuvafacemassage.com

Price list


£45 special rate for first session

£65 per session thereafter


£60 special rate for first session

£80 per session thereafter

The massage usually lasts for about an hour and a quarter but I include time afterwards for you to very slowly come round, and then to go through some beneficial exercises for the face and talk about how you can look after our skin for longevity, so allow 2 hours for the first session and 1.5 hours for subsequent sessions.

I can only accept payment in cash, by cheque, or (by prior arrangement) via bank transfer.

I’m sorry but I have to charge in full for any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

More about your treatment...

~ Gentle but firm repetitive massage movements, smooth and exfoliate the skin and tone the major muscles of the face, encouraging stiffened connective tissue back to mobility and leaving the skin plumped-up and firmer.

~ The activation of Ayurvedic pulses encourages healing, energizes and regulates the skin to improve overall skin tone, lessening wrinkles and habitual expression lines.

~ Lymphatic drainage is encouraged to increase the elimination of toxins and helps to reduce under-eye bags and general puffiness, leaving the skin brighter and more radiant.

~ Connecting with the parasympathetic nervous system, it enables deep relaxation and an increased sense of well-being both in mind and body, relieving stress related symptoms like headaches, jaw tension and insomnia.


"Quite simply the most blissful hour I have spent in a very long time - if ever. I floated off the bed feeling and looking years younger. It’s now a regular must." Charlotte. Fashion Consultant. 2018

"I'd like to keep Yuva as a much cherished secret but to deny others the benefits of Lucinda's massage would be a crime. You simply have to try one after which you'll never look back." Joanna. Graphic Designer. 2018

"What’s not to like about the time I spent in Lucinda’s hands? A truly remarkable experience of total rejuvenation and relaxation. I'm so lucky to have found her." Lizzy. Company Director. 2018

"Lucinda definitely has healing hands. Yuva is much more than a face massage - it is an experience, which benefits the mind, body and spirit as well as the face. I felt blissfully relaxed and restored afterwards and much look forward to my next one." Philippa. Interior Designer. 2018

"Lucinda has healing hands and a huge heart. So not only did my face soften and glow, but I also felt nurtured and held by her presence. If I lived nearer I would be going back regularly. Bliss. " Rebecca, Life Coach. October 2017

"I feel incredibly lucky to have come across Lucinda. I have had 6 incredible face massages with her - one literally comes away feeling younger, fresher and more alive. It is nothing like I have experienced before and I feel privileged to have enjoyed these sessions and also increase my knowledge about how we should be treating our faces for their longevity."
Camilla. Gallery Owner.  2017

"I’m not a natural enthusiast of hands invading my personal space especially my face. I readily admit I had low expectations of what a facial massage could do for me however, Lucinda has not only changed my attitude she has altered the shape of my face visibly. The signs of years of dogged determination and grimacing are fading away apart from the fact I actually now feel relaxed and nourished. Lucinda has dancing hands which she puts to excellent use." Lin. 2017

"Lucinda’s face massages feel utterly authentic and wholesome, and less superficial than traditional facials that use lotions + potions.  And they are delivered with such care and positive energy, that one cannot help leaving with 'a glow’. I will recommend her to all my friends.  A treatment with her is a real gift.”
Susanna. Counsellor. 2017

"Lucinda's hands are truly magic. Yuva is more than a facial massage, it is a mind, body, spirit treat. I entered a state of overwhelming bliss and sleep-like state for an hour by what on the surface looks like a simple face massage. To know that a course of this will restore youthfulness to my facial muscles is actually just a bonus. " Niki Natarajan. Writer. 2017

"Lucinda’s massage was blissfully relaxing. After just one hour my face felt and looked as if I have woken up from a really good sleep. I thoroughly recommend this massage to anyone for a de-stress treatment."
Bruce. 2017

"Lucinda thanks for all my wonderful face massages you are the most fabulous of therapists and I will HIGHLY recommend you to ALL my friends"
Suki Posnett. Rejuvenated Housewife. 2017

"I had no idea what to expect from my session with Lucinda and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Very relaxing and I will definitely treat myself to more with her. "
Georgina. Art and Travel Consultant. 2017

"Exhausted and very stressed I arrived for my hour with Lucinda and left blissfully relaxed and visibly rejuvenated. I will be back again and again. "
Jonathan. Media Consultant.2017

Be inspired…

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Where to find me

I am practice Monday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays at Laundry Cottage, Cary Place, 4 Upper High Street, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7AR
There is off street parking alongside the cottage. Link to Map
I also available most Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Chelsea, London SW3

Contact me

To book a treatment or for further information,
please call Lucinda on 07774 244 300
or email info@yuvafacemassage.com