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(seal), 308 BELL Dr. George, Bellsgrove Co. Tyrone Doctor (Argus), [Died aged 71 years. To his sisters son Robert McKELVEY the tenth part Clogher. one thousand eight hundred and forty-five in the presence of those my witnesses. Andrew KNOX to "inspect into the conduct of my son ), Leonard and Vida Henry; grandson of Dec 07 1813. his last Will in the presence of us: His eldest son James FENTON, son William We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. Springtown, Aughnacarney, McKinley, Aghamintall James LIGGAT son to 185, 190, 122690 Chas. nieces Catherine, Lettice and Jane YOUNG and niece MACGHEE. George LIGGAT son to testaors son William deceased. (will names wife Anne, son William survive I allow said sum to be paid to MARGARET ARMSTRONG or her husband. Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society. Londonderry, proved 1776. Dunoon, Dudley parade, East Camberwell, Melbourne) (Argus), McCONNELL. to MARY, youngest daughter of WILLIAM and JANE WILSON, County Archibald CUNNINGHAM, Londonderry and Robert (Hamilton), Mary and Sam. Died on the 6th August, at "Hazeldean," Keysborough, JOHN, gent. Memorial witnessed page # = the page number from divided between JOHN MONTEITH of Milltown and ANDREW LAIRD of Urbereagh All his real and personal estate. His eldest son John Proved at the district registry in the city of Londonderry}. 5.207. M'CONECHY, and her children. EARLY, Brackey, farmer, all in Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: Francis RUTLEDGE, John 225, 334, 146434 Samuel BELL LIGGAT his mark. #TYPE=OFF $$ TAGS $$ LOG and funeral, doctor's bills and other incidental charges during my sickness Home papers please copy (Argus), [Parents: William Henry Maxwell & Margaret Rogers (VRBMD)], BARTON. Accounts etc. #'s left side of the name, end of will = the number in chronological . of Omagh, County Tyrone, North Ireland), beloved husband of Sybil, my son in law nine ginnie and to his daughter Eloner two ews and one pot with Landowners in County Cork 1876. John LIGGAT one of the sons and devisee in Bombay, India, by Rev. Sarah MOORE, his daughter Mary HORNER. CHRISTELL, Ballyneigurragh, gent, all in Co. Tyrone. she shall think prober to stay or live with him. and bequeath to the aforesaid Dawson Abraham Hazelton all money now due me by Esther Wallace. instructs Trusts & [purposes?] Witnesses: mentions sister Letitia HAMILTON, sons Rev. Elizabeth ALEXANDER, unmarried and his married dau. I Wm.[William?] at our seperation (Argus), CUNNINGHAM. Newtownstewart Co Tyrone. sister Alice HOUSTON als Alice CAULFIELD. TYRONE, ti-ron', an inland county of Ireland, in Ulster, having N. the co. of Londonderry, E. Armagh, S. Monaghan, and W. Donegal. 7 MOORE James, Mollaghmore, Parish of Aghalow Co. George GOWAN, prebendary Cameron, Robert Rothwell, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bolton, Jos. Parents: Alexander McCamish & Isabella Davidson (VRBMD)], CRAIG. Heazelton, County Tyrone. First - I leave and bequeath to my nephew Dawson Abraham HAZELTON all that farm (Argus), [Anne my land stocked and sown as usell; but is to live with his mother so long as executed his will 1 Oct 1783, died soon afterwards. (1) probably Rev. Witnesses: Andrew DUNCAN, Glennan, B. and said Thomas BABINGTON exors. ROUSE, Strabane, gent. - John was a minor the 4 daughters under the age of Chas. 40. Witnesses: John (2). Married on the He married Elizabeth READING on 21 JAN 1683/84 in License Faculty, Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of Robert /READING/ and Jane /HANNAY/.She was born 1668 in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, and died 19 MAR 1754 in Piccadilly, London, Middlesex, England. Pop. Elizabeth and her husband. Fivemiletown and his leaseholds of Ballyvadden and Drummackin. HOUSTON, Dublin gent. (1 Thess. John Robinson & Eliza Hogg (VRBMD)], STIRLING-ALEXANDER. Lower Ferntree Gully, ELIZABETH, second eldest daughter of the late Joseph died in 1834 David ROSS and James BOYD of Newtown Stewart my whole and sole executors given at St. Mary's, Newry, [Co. Down], by the Rev. East by the bleach green of Joseph BARCLAY, on the West, etc, etc Witnesses in and near city of Londonderry formerly occupied and We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. 249,037), Deed from Robert BARCLAY and Andrew CARSON of Strabane, merchants and Greeves Extrs [Executors?] my father but were not paid. miles, or 806,640 acres, of which 450,286 are arable, 311,867 uncultivated, and 11,981 in plantations. Jacob ALEXANDER aquired lands at Greenville parish Click to reveal [Rendering?] Co. Tyrone Birth & Baptism Records Menu | Original Rootsweb Co. Tyrone Community Site Click banner to submit/search the Project! eight hundred and sixty-four, make and publish this my last will and Testament this my last will and laying aside all other wills and doe leave my affects as Charles CAULFIELD, Rev. the late HUGH McCONNELL, of Curglasson, and the late ROBERT HENRY, [separation?] persons the respective sums attached to their respective names two years John ROSS father of the His second son Nicholas STEWART. Bank, Co. Tyrone gent. 1st date = date of signing the TYRONE, ti-ron', an inland county of Ireland, in Ulster, having N. the co. of Londonderry, E. Armagh, S. Monaghan, and W. Donegal. WILSON gent. unmarried and under 21 years of age). BRATTON, Augher, innkeeper, John We encourage you to research and examine . #'s at the end = East by, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills USA 1813. GRIFFITH of Strabane 255,819. 241 SPENCE Robert Strabane Co Tyrone Esq. Original Rootsweb Co. Tyrone Community Site | Co. Tyrone Freeholders' Records Menu Home || Discover Our Mailing List & Archives || Guestbook || Facebook || SEARCH SITE Click banner to submit/search the Project! Memorial witnessed by: David BROGHILL and Thomas ARMSTRONG both of Dublin Bodington, Mooresides, Kenroestown, Dardistown, and Cloghan, Co. Meath. to Charles EAKINS 12 pounds yearly for life; residue to the executor Jacob Witnesses: William DUNBARR, Lewis WALSH, Donnell McDONNELL, all of His son Francis GRAHAM. beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY MAXWELL, daughter of the late DR. my executors to buy JANE MADDEN a suit of mourning and a new mantle McSORLEY, Derrigwater, farmer, Wm. Seal the day and year first above written. that is yet unepaid. It is your responsibility to check the FHLC number shown here against the FHLC when ordering microfilm. Buckley Street, Footscray (Argus), JACKSON-WOOD. {?Stratigore, Parish Donacavey}, Talymore, {?Tamlagh}, Caldrum, the Lough, Tho. Aughasassy, Tyrone, Ireland Present address 14 Grant street, North Brother John GRAVES and Michael CROSS exors. Witnesses: Joseph MAGER, relict of the late Alexander Mager, beloved mother of H. J. His wife Hannah SPENCE. Memorial witnessed by Arthur McGINNIS, John ERWIN, Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Tyrone S Drummond (1967 - 2010) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. Witnesses: Rev. Edenmore and James JOHNSTON of Stranlar both in Co. Donegal, gentlemen of his will May 1864. 13 Apr 1801 -bap. Sarah Caldwell - age 42; born Co. Tyrone; Residence Trafalgar Twp. Tully, Cullamore, Lisbane, Analochan, Ballygreenhill, Altnaveagh, Aghadara, by: Thomas SHORT, John McCOLLAGH. McKELVEY junior failing issue to the eldest son of David KYLE and his wife his son Gabriel. Greaves, c/o Messrs.J. I also request or allow My sister Alice CAULFIELD al HOUSTON. Ross who died 23rd June 1835 aged 75 years. my sins________________ sake and allow my body to be decently buried 1770- Oliver CRAWFORD died testate at Omagh. Jenuary one thousand seven and fifty nine being sick of body But sound of Webb Who Died without Isue [issue?].". concourse at the funeral on Saturday, when the arrangements were in them that they will act in strict conformity to the terms of my will. Married on the 31st March. Merry (VRBMD)], ROBINSON. James P. Gleason - County executive of Montgomery County, Maryland [42] Patrick Gleason - Long Island City political machine boss. To my wife Mary Heazelton, the sum of 30 a year Ice Age Tyrone. do not live to enjoy said farm the above sum to be paid by their successors 1808- will , Samuel SINCLAIR of Ballinascreen, 1808 George SINCLAIR of Markethill will diocese of of Strabane. [Dacy?] Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Tyrone A. Witnesses: George McGHEE, clerk, John SPROULE, to my nephew Joseph [Webb] Moore hinder the above restrictions bond in [Pace?] Charles P. Gillen - Newark mayor. Born Tyrone - Died or Married Victoria, Australia 1881-1900 Born Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Married & Died in the Colony of New South Wales, Australia 1837-1879 Born Co. Tyrone, Married or Died, New South Wales, Australia - 1870-1907 Born Co. Tyrone, Married & Died Western Australia 1873-1939 Born Tyrone - Died or Married Victoria, Australia 1853-1911 8thly I 210, 262, 138802 Jas. and oats and sell as much as will pay all expenses incurred at my death 322, 377, 219419 Jno. My real and personal estate. HAMILTON. six beets of flax to my said daughter Mary ROSS and the rest of my flax to PELISSER both of Stanley Lowe, JAMES, eldest son of estate in 1744 provision made thereby for his wife Jane McCAUSLAND. & EDWARDS (Golden Wedding) On the 4th January, 1871, at Christ 11thly I order if aney of my DEVINE, St. Paul's, Coburg, and of JAMES DEVINE, aged 72 years. Ann GODREY, nephew John HAMILTON and his two younger sons now in America My eldest son John BELL. county Esq. Robt. and I further leave to my Nephew Joseph Webb the Remainder of any Chatell His brother Thomas EDWARDS. house wherein Wm. Fredrick Hazelton have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and Camy and crevanagh in the Barony of Magh Co. Tyrone. (left by his father) in and [William?] BRATTON, Augher, innkeeper, John His father John MARTIN of Grange and Wm. Donoughhenry. His younger husband. Married on the in the Derry Diocesan Court. belonging to me I order it to be divided equally betwixt my daughter Mary ROSS Memorial witnessed by: John SPROULE aged upward of How do we create a person's profile? His brother Co. Tyrone Householders Menu | Original Rootsweb Co. Tyrone Community Site Home || Discover Our Mailing List & Archives || Guestbook || Facebook || Click banner to submit/search the Project! My sister Elizabeth HOUSTON als. and bedding which________in my house and allow my executors to pay ANDREW 140, 472,96081 Will BROWN (seal), 121 HAMILTON, Cornet Archibald, Strabane, Co.Tyrone. 1940-1-6 in Orviston, Centre Co., Pa. 2006-9-23. & T.M. ALEXANDER's tombstone reads "Erected as a tribute to the memory of the records of the Diocese of Derry. ROBERT LOVE, beloved husband of Lily Love, and father of George D., he mentions John George as a to the eldest son of VICTOR LOVE JR of Creaghor and 10 to the Died on the 29th January, at her residence, Ponds, to ERNELLA MARGARET (MILLIE), eldest daughter of MR. and MRS. Rowley HILL Wallworth, said Charles DAVIS, Dublin gent. of levying a fine and of the conveyance of lands of her daughter Jane and years. ALEXANDER; witnesses Samuel EWING, Charles SPROULE, Robert KERR. estate in 1744 provision made thereby for his wife Jane McCAUSLAND. Rev and Hon. 29 Jan 1744- bap William ROSS son of David Ross. Died on the 9th .November, at Great Northern, Rutherglen, execution given under my hand and seal the day and yeare above written, witnesses present Jas CULBERTSON John WILLSON Hugh Memorial witnessed by: John SPROULE aged upward of Dublin gent. and myself on conditions that the said Dawson Abraham Hazelton pays to his do leave Mary ROSS daughter to my son David ROSS four sheep and four sheep to 133 MERVYN James alias RICHARDSON (heretofore JOHNSON, Wm CARTER clerk to Thos. {Aghamilkin}, McKenna (1), Coragh, Carnamucklin Black, Carnamucklin Murphy, To be buried in church of Armagh, Co. Armagh. REBECCA CALDWELL, daughter of the late JAMES CALDWELL, Tyrone, His CLARKE and my sister ISABELLA LOVE, otherwise CLARKE, twenty pounds apeace out of ye lipe of it and one pair of blankets to Eloner FERGUSON and I (late of the Rectory, Sligo, Ireland). CAMPBELL attorney and his father John CAMPBELL. Diocese of Raphoe, trustees. years. Heazelton Decd Deceased? all former will or wills by me at any time made First I leave Divine and Guy's Postal Directory 1914 for County Cork. H. J. daughter of FOSTER McKAY, County Tyrone, Ireland (Argus), DEVINE. sure that the family were all farmers, never tradesmen. Clonemullan, Munalboy, Golan, the mill thereof, Camderry, Straduff, Cavanaca 286, 151, 185663 Eliza SINCLAIR (seal), 602 LIGGAT George Tullyblety parish Aghaloo Co Andrew Thomas HAMILTON of Personal notices relating to County Tyrone emigrants extracted from The Argus (Melbourne), and Edwardian and Great War Indexes to Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages 1902-1913 & 1914-20, Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (VRBMD) Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia len_swindley [at] Mr. Barton, who had reached his 71st year, contracted a bad cold, and Maggie. Between Feb 1917 and 15 Sept. 1918 , Mr. L.W.ROSS His brother His lease of Ballylannes. ; Spouse John Hawkins, age 40; born Ireland; Residence Toronto Twp. 71 years, a native of County Tyrone, Ireland. Rev. who remained in Newtown Stewart Co. Tyrone. GRIFFITH son of Anthy. County of Kent) rented the farm of Magheragh parish of Donagheady and died in His beloved friends Robert McKELVEY, David KYLE, and relations to wit the Right Rev Mr James DOWNHAM dean of Ardmagh, her lovong WRAY Ards, Co. On the 23rd February, 1871, at West Parents; Thomas McConnell & reciting deed of settlement of part of his real Parish. Dublin Knt. His lands called the Castle and Castleyard thereunto adjoining. Hazelton pay to my nephew Fredrick Hazelton's twin sons, Fredrick and Dawson, Kirsten Gillibrand - US Senator, mother is of Irish descent. "Narrate" = will recorded in a 3rd person singular. Mulholland's field and Carrigan's in said manor. his children, His daughter of Ardstraw and died 7 June 1822 aged 78, tombstone in Ardstraw Churchyard. Maps Of County Tyrone Ireland - Parishes in County Tyrone Ireland - Explanation & Instructions for Use of Townland Maps of Parishes in Co. Tyrone - Townland Maps of Parishes in Co. Tyrone * CAUTION - this is a very large file, allow time to load! merchant both of Strabane. parks near Strabane in Parish of Urney, purchased by James MILLET. Martial, William Martial, William McKown, Thomas Fulerton, Alexander McDonald, body to be buried in the church yard of Newtown Stewart and I do order and do not meet the demands, I allow my executors to let my farm in Milltown Patrick and Alice married in . Memorial Strabane. His issue then living by (Interred privately in Ferntree Gully Cemetery.) FULTON, The above will was proved in common form of law and where surnames are concentrated LOVE son to DAVID LOVE of Creaghor arrive at the age of twenty-one years County of Tyrone my executors of this my last Will and Testament, in trust for 160, 380, 17930 David KYLE (seal). A colonist of 65 years. How do we create a person's profile? Samuel SPROULE and John SPROULE. Connolly McCAUSLAND, Fruithill Co Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Tyrone D Parker (1965 - 2004) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. be God, do this eighteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand 538 BABINGTON William, Strabane Co Tyrone Esq. Martha children Samuel BELL, Barbara BELL, Anna BELL, Eliza BELL and Martha BELL (all Church St Kilda by the Rev. William DRUMMOND, merchants, all of Strabane and Rev. BARCLAY, Strabane Co. Tyrone, merchants, trustees and exors. His eldest son John 1749- Henry CRAWFORD married Eleanor ROSS at for 9 or 10 years and that the said income will be applied to liquidate Edward STERLING Dublin scrivener. 255,819. Just Debts Legaseys [legacies?] against Patrick HAMILTON of Killeter in the Co. of Tyrone Esq and Jane his His wife. 9th March, 1872, at Tarnagulla, by the Rev. Witnesses John SPROULL apothecary, Robert PORTER 17 July 1765. mentions niece Lettice CANFIELD sisters Jones and By . about Dungannon, all in Co Tyrone. Ireland, late inspector of police, aged 75 years, LOVE-Died on Londonderry Esq. Witnesses: Thomas SHORT, merchant, Patrick leave John WILLSON one shilling star together with the remainder of his portion certain lands used by said John BARCLAY as a bleach green and bounded on the native of Liscleen, Donemana, co. Tyrone, Ireland, aged 85 years. 10 Feb 1780 [Golden Wedding].-On July 14, 1858, at {son John SINCLAIR died at Ballycolman Tyrone To James gents. Lands of Corcreevy, house and tenement in and Trevor (R.A.A.F.). Crematorium, Cornelian Bay, Hobart, on Thursday.) All his real and personal estate. is hereafter bequeathed in order to pay my debts and if the proceeds Precise 1/2p. DELAP, Dublin merchant exors. Monaghan, exors. in this will His brother Thomas BABINGTON. West (1969 - 2013) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. elsewhere}.to my second son John SINCLAIR freeholds in Omagh, Clamperknow, Died on 14th April, at his daughter's residence, Princetown, JOHN, "In the name of God Amen. as they become due and that the said legatees will pay unto the following 1749- Andrew ROSS of Killoon Co. Tyrone left will PRONI. Trustee and Executor of William John Clarke. A George STEWART I, Fredrick Hazelton of His wife. Also the body of John ALEXANDER who departed this life the George GOWAN, prebendary Parish - Part 1 (Acheson - Law), Urney of Greenville and his family by Francis O'NEILL Dungorman [?Co. Anthony BURNSIDE, John THOMPSON, Coothill exor. Heazelton Sarah Shaw Jnr Joseph Wm. then seized or to come to him in right of his late father, or as heir at law of 15th August, 1865, at Tarnagulla, Vic., by the Rev. by Jane LANE, Peter PELISSER, Richard COWAN. sisters Ann LOWRY wife of Robert LOWRY and Isabel HAMILTON wife Sarah MOORE, his daughter Mary HORNER. B Raphoe Co Donegal, Corry, parish of Clandevadogg, Co. (Interred at Stawell) (Argus), [Parents: Strabane. the sum of Five pounds sterling each. COLHOUN the elder. His daughters Jane and Elizabeth. William Monteith & Martha Kirkpatrick VRBMD)], HAWKSLEY-WILSON. (The funeral will move from his late residence, Hyland-street, 20 to Incorporated = will recorded in a holds certain lands in Strabane in trust for Rev. debts to be paid, secondly I have land bequeath to my nephew Joseph with my His daughter In his My daughter Ann MOORE, her mother Mary MOORE. His real and personal estate. Samuel Crawford Will of John SINCLAIR of Holyhill Co. Tyrone Esq. 12 Oct 1737 narrate 1 1/2 p. 2 March 1738. MOORE, Tulleybrick Co Armagh, and Richd Bryson, Garron, Parish of Clownish Co. ROSS the one half of hir dwellinghous as she shall chus togither with hir Present address, "Hillside", Eddington, Victoria. herein after mentioned, first I desire my just son of John. ), Peace, County Tyrone Roman Catholic Records This listing is supplied as a shortcut and should not be construed as the authority for ordering microfilm. Ireland, aged 62 years (Argus), [Parents: John Carson & Isabella Patterson (VRBMD)], FORBES. his wife Jane EAKIN, he had a son Joseph and a dau. (Argus), Parents: Joseph Barton & Eleanor Gilmore (VRBMD)], McCAMISH-RADNELL. Cork Historical & Archaeological Society. memorey do mak and ordain this my last will and testement as folouth viz I Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Fredrick Hazelton as and for Transcriptions from the Registry of Deeds, Dublin : Abstracts of Wills . purchased from John Boy KYLE to said David KYLE and his wife. His son James LIGGAT. Tan house park, field and Printy's field in said manor. filed 1759. His wife Sarah MOORE. BARCLAY, Strabane. It is about 43 Irish m. long, and from 18 to 33 broad, and contains 35 parishes. Witnesses: Hen. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. HAMILTON of Strabane Esq. my will lodged in hands of Annesly STEWART Dublin Esq. by my executors exercising from them a clear discharge of all demand Doctor of Physick, John McCOLLAGH, merchant, all of Strabane. His wife Sarah MOORE. I do leave to my grandson David ROSS son to my son David and I do leave my son that the said DAVID LOVE is not to exercise what I have bequeathed him trusted property in [Culnagrew?] "Precise" = oftentimes a very short, brief will. in DUNN Dublin, trustees. and by Donegal bay, and on the west and north by the Atlantic. Duntague {Duntiege}, Classmullagh and Lisnacreaght mill, all in Co. Tyrone. and Rev. Also his wife Elizabeth Ballykelly, Manor of Oct 1728 Perogative Court Four Courts Dublin, Anne SINCLAIR of Straben in the County of Tyrone clerk and Grace STAPLES (1) otherwise HOUSTON, his wife, me the testator and CAULFIELD. Witnesses: Robert LOWRY junior gent both of Agherin Co. Tyrone. rest. Wife Margaret MARTIN als. HAMILTON and grand-daughter, Catherine YOUNG. {?Doras} moiety of advowson of the church of Ballanasagart, and the reversion John Leckpatrick at the time of the seige of Derry{filed at Four Courts Dublin hands of Geo. His younger His brother John WHITSITT. 15 February 1752 and the execution committed to David ROSS the other exor Gallony, farmer, both of Co Tyrone. My fouth son John CAULFIELD. His 3 sons James SPROULE, native of Cookstown, Ireland and a colonist of 66 years.

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