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With ochre rooftops and green rolling hills, Vilnius is stunning. This is to represent the Baltic Way which took place in 1989. Although the accomplished chef champions seasonal, local and sustainable products, his food rivals top restaurants in countries like France and Japan. Pass through Uupis Border Control ; 5. Do They Speak English in Lithuania Vilnius? We got to learn the history behind a lot of the Lithuanian dishes, like Zeppelins or Cepelinai, and other popular foods like Rye bread too. . Read more. This was an important part of the cities defense walls and the historic Lower and Upper Castle in the 13th century. 2023 Atlas Obscura. This is a chargeable museum but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of artifacts inside! Today tourists inevitably gravitate here, but in sufficiently small numbers for the area to retain all of its distinctive character and charm. Have some cheap eats or Lithuanian Mead at Snekutis, 16. From October March its open 4pm 6.30pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am 2pm Sundays. If youre looking for unique finds in Vilnius, then head down to Literatu street in the Old Town its sure to spark some curiosity! Here you can see where prisoners were kept. It was even used by both Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon while they were in Vilnius! The Palace is HUGE so youll need at least a few hours to explore. Like with most free walking tours you pay what you feel the tour is worth (I usually tip around 10 Euros per head). It then changed to Stalin avenue and Lenin Avenue. Although many businesses and attractions here do take cards, I would have cash on you at all times. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the 18th century and what we see today was a huge reconstruction of the original building that used to sit here. Climb up the Church of St Johns Bell Tower, 37. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Vilnius, Lithuania. Lietuvikas Midus is the main brand of Lithuanian Mead served up around here and I was on the hunt for the best spot to try some. 4. You can see a concert, visit an art exhibition, literature events and much more! Check out my complete guide for this caf including the love story here! As well as the castle, you can explore Lithuanias smallest national park, learn about the Karaite community, sample Kibinai pastries and hop around historic mansions. Entrance is 11 Euros an adult. I think if one street captures the essence of Vilnius, this is the shot. Designed for nature and outdoors enthusiasts, guests can expect grill and barbecue events, mulled wine, craft beers and night-time bonfires all of which combine to create a magical ambience. Jelonek - Heavy Metal Sabre Dance in Vilnius Lithuania. But, most of the food stalls will not open until 9/10am. Once upon a time, this area was one of the poorest parts of the city, it was home to Jewish migrants and labourers. Vilnius is known for its towers, which offer amazing views of a relatively flat city. Lithuania is a small country and so most big cities and attractions can be reached in less than a few hours from the capital. Google DoubleClick IDE cookies are used to store information about how the user uses the website to present them with relevant ads and according to the user profile. One of my favourite streets in the whole of Vilnius is Ausros Vartu Street. So, make sure you try it out for yourself while youre here. Such was the interest in the new edifice that a military brass band played famous Zappa hits at its unveiling and it remains a popular attraction to this day. Visit a cool local market. Even today, when you walk through the gate, youll see many locals pause and say a little prayer towards her portrait that can be seen through the window. So, the people revolted and kill them all. This library is one of the oldest and largest academic libraries in Lithuania founded in the 1570s by the Jesuits. Where can you find a giant Tony Soprano statue, an "Easter egg" monument, the best bagels in the Baltics, and a city within a city complete with border control? Zen Republic. Click here to see all the tours provided by Vilnius with Locals! Guided tours cost extra. It's one of the things to do in Vilnius that you can't miss. Source: Shutterstock. The architecture on the outside of the church is stunning, but when you go inside you can see what the church is famous for; over 2,000 stucco figures and a Rococo pulpit! While the Vilnia River winds through the quieter areas of the old town, the Neris River is flanked on both sides by a main city road. You will have to climb up 193 wooden stairs to reach the peak which is around 45 metres high. Taking pride of place on one of Vilnius' main squares, the Vilnius Cathedral is a sight you're sure to see. So, this seemingly small but beautiful gate on Ausros Vartu street has a big history to offer beyond a pretty photo spot. Its also in the centre of the old streets. BIX Baras. With the countless things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania, coupled with its dreamy quality, this city is no doubt a must-visit destination. If youre planning a trip here in summertime, this is a must-visit. I preferred Uber as I found it cheaper and more reliable. Its lucky that this gate survived at all, because all the others were destroyed on orders from the government in the 18th century! View this post on Instagram. Read the top attractions in Kaunas here and where to find the best street art. With the exception of the Neo-Gothic bell tower, which was designed in the 19th century, the appearance of the church has stayed the same over five centuries! . Have a Instagrammable lunch at Augustus Ir Babora Love Story Caf, 19. Have dinner in the highest building in Lithuania (TV Tower), 24. You see, the city is actually quite hilly and so if youre heading downwards, youll know youre on the right track to the square! Every Sunday at 12 pm you can see a solemn flag hoisting ceremony, where soldiers of the Honour Guard Company of the Lithuanian Armed Forces dress up in Medieval attire. This event showed the world that the Lithuanian people were tired of being occupied by a foreign country and wanted their independence. Situated on the foot of a hill, a few minutes walk from the Bohemian district of Uzupis in the city centre, this is one of Vilnius most unique accommodation options. FUTURE LIVE. This museum . Lean about Lithuanian history at the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, 23. KGB Museum (Genocido Auku Muziejus) Housing the Nazi occupants during WW2, and the Soviet KGB directly after, and up until 1989, this building has sealed. You never know where it may lead! Of all the things to do in Vilnius, this is the one you can't miss as the city's Old Town is the main attraction. There is so much life happening in this part of town and so I would recommend scheduling time to explore a few places. You were brought to the room and without a word shot. Years ago, the Grand Dukes of Lithuania was crowned here and many famous icons in Lithuanian history have graves inside its walls. Outside, youll see a statue dedicated to King Mindaugas. For anyone who is into escape rooms or any kind of innovations, you are going to have a blast here.. Read my complete Hill of Crosses travel guide here. I had a knowledgeable guide who customised the tour with some classic sites and what I was interested in. Youll notice Hebrew on the signs and you can visit the spot where the Great Synagogue was destroyed during the Nazi era. and surprisingly hip and inventive stalls moving in to peddle trendy eats. As for the choice of statue by the entrance Tony Soprano from the iconic TV drama The Sopranos be sure to ask one of the bar staff during your visit. So, without further ado, here are all the amazing things to do in Vilnius on your trip. Entrance is 4.50 Euros. This was a state that was founded by Lithuanian people but formed unions with kingdoms like Poland, Prussia (Germany), and Austria. Originally intended as a temporary exhibition when it was launched in 2008, the wall quickly grew in popularity and it was soon decided that it would remain, becoming a popular stop-off point for both locals and visitors to the city. One of those is a set of footprints. Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights. The City Bastion Viewpoint can be visited 24 hours a day, but if you want to go insidethe museumor onto the terrace, this is only open from Tuesday Sunday from 10am 6pm. This review is the subjective opinion of . Today, Literatu Street is home to a wall commemorating this heritage, featuring over 200 wooden, ceramic, glass or metal tiles engraved with the names of some of Lithuanias most famous literary names. During my week spent in Vilnius, one of my favourite tours had to be the Flavours of Vilnius tour that I took with Urban Adventures. In the museum, you can learn about Vilnius as a fortification and the history of its defenses through the ages. Unusual Things To Do in Vilnius: There are some very interesting, unusual things to do in Vilnius; check out these: 7. The Museum of Occupations is a must-visit. The best things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuanians are a very clear and literal people. So, if you want to have some fun, this is a place to start with. Its the oldest market in Vilnius that is still thriving today and sells everything from all sorts of meat including pigs ears, fruits, cheese, mushrooms, bread, to clothes and electricals. Its split up into 4 sections, so if you didnt want to see all of it, you can pay less for just one of the routes. Vilnius with locals run a fabulous free walking tour that runs from the Cathedral Square daily at 10am and 12pm. It had the most EPIC Christmas decorations, but also has a gorgeous interior throughout the year. Vilnil. #2 Explore Cathedral Square. MO is filled to the brim with contemporary artwork and regularly holds new exhibitions to visit. Museum of illusions. This cookie, set by YouTube, registers a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. It was originally built for Anna, the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, and the wife of Vytautas the Great. The original cathedral was built all the way back in 1251 when the majority of Lithuania was Pagan. But, the President of Vilnius celebrated the work, claiming that the people of Lithuania are not silenced censorship. I'm a UK-based solo female travel blogger. Here, you can see a beautiful panorama of the Old Town, the Cathedral, the Palace of the Grand Dukes, and Cathedral Square! In other words they can be carried anywhere at any time. Originally it was built in the Gothic style but the style we see today is a Neoclassical reconstruction by Laurynas Stuoka-Guceviius. This classic walking tour will take you through the quaint Old Town of Vilnius and Uupis too! Out of all the views in Vilnius, this one was my favourite. The Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle is the last remaining part of his legacy here. This could be found on Pylimo Gatv outside Keule Ruke a popular restaurant in Vilnius. The Vilnius Museum of Modern Art opened its doors in 2019. OMG, I am still dreaming about my meal at Drama Burger! Visit the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, 6. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Travelers who fall victim to this mermaid's charms are destined to stay in Uupis forever. It even has the largest sculpture made by TV sets that earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Uupis district, a self-declared independent republic since 1997, shows a more bohemian side to the city, full of artists, creative studios and colourful graffiti. The Gate of Dawn in Vilnius is the city's only surviving city gate. Take a tour of the Vilnius University Library, 32. It is a 510km river that starts in Belarus and flows all the way to Vilnius.. Climb Bell Tower of St. Johns Church for the best view over Vilnius. The largest coin pyramid in the world is a carefully balanced stack of over 1,000,000 pieces. In Lithuania, they use the Euro. This monument is a memorial to them that was torn down twice during the Soviet occupation. Gediminas Tower & Castle Hill. Oct 3, 2020 - Are you travelling to Lithuania? But, if you werent fussed the views from the bottom of the tower are pretty amazing too. These cookies will be stored in your browser. There was no freedom during these times. In 1914 it was officially known as Hals Turgis. Classical Heavy Metal Music Mash-up in Vilnius, Lithuania. Read my complete guide for Gediminas Castle here. Compared to the Old Town, this street was only built in the 19th century. But, masses started again in 1988. An abandoned masterpiece of Soviet Brutalist architecture. More travel. The castle itself dates from 1409, but there have been fortifications on the spot since the early 1300's. Set on the Neris River, Lithuanias picturesque capital is peppered with shrines, churches and baroque architecture. Zemaiciu Asotis - this rustic-style restaurant offers an extensive choice of meaty Lithuanian staples. Vilnius has some great open spaces and parks in and around the Old Town. Town Hall Square. Visit the official website for visiting times and prices for Europos Park. If you carry on to the end, youll find the Vilnius Town Hall. - Klook US . Master Pieces by great illusionists from Netherlands, Sweden, Japan and all over the world, of 1920s to 1970s. 5. But, I think its incredibly underrated and worth exploring. 2. As this act was seen as a miracle, a special tile was placed in the Cathedral Square which people now call the magic tile. Moreover, our partners, such as Google Adsense, will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Creative expression is let off the leash and performers are given a platform to simply get out there and play, unrestrained by convention or commercial imperatives. If youre going to need WiFi, make sure you ordered. by Paul Joseph|Published June 7, 2017, Where to Find Short Term Rentals in Amsterdam, 5 Charming Bed and Breakfasts in Cape Cod. 4. I love a free walking tour as they are a nice introduction to the city. So, its well worth checking out if you want to learn all about it! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze how you use this website. Read more the best viewpoints in Vilnius. This will take you through the street art areas, Halle Market, and some of the vibrant streets of Vilnius New Town. And for real aficionados, Amber polishing demonstrations are available upon request. There is a castle museum that is chargeable if you want to go inside which has a better view from the top. Admire the Gothic Architecture of the Church of St. Anne. The most popular thing to do in Trakai is visit Trakai Castle, a 14th-century castle surrounded by Lake Galve. 10am 5pm Sundays. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The site is surrounded by a vast garden and is also close to St. Annes Church and the Vilnele River, meaning theres plenty of things to see and do during your stay. A post shared by @stasyukkk. In England, our mead is served up like a wine. They have a show stopper of a Christmas Tree all lit up and there is a lot of festive cheer around this area too. . So, Gediminas united the villages, and Vilnius was born! Usually considered as a meeting point for locals, the Cathedral Square sits at the heart of the Old Town. As a result, you can never quite be sure where youll see one but you can have plenty of fun guessing! (the company that believes in giving stories, not stuff! 9th Fort of the Kaunas Fortress - a museum and memorial for the Holocaust victims. If the Old Town isnt your bag, why not go on an alternative tour of Vilnius? The wall first began in 2009, when a group of artists decided that Literatu Street should live up to the name. Vilnius Cathedral, or properly known as the Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus of Vilnius, is the center point of the city. But, the reality is that the French soldiers used it for shelter during the Napoleonic wars. Discover Vilnius in an exciting and extraordinary way! Lithuanians step on this tile facing the cathedral, spin around 3 times, all the while making a wish! The University Bell Tower is one of a few things to do in Vilnius that will get you a bird's-eye view of Old Town Vilnius. Today, they are known as the Franciscan martyrs of Vilnius. Soon after, he commissioned a sculptor to create a bust of Zappa on a patch of land in the city centre. Trying all sorts of Lithuanian cuisine and alcohol as we went! Its a lovely peaceful part of the city with great views of the Gediminas Castle and Hill of Three Crosses. Vilnius is one of Europe's smaller capital cities, but that doesn't necessarily mean everything is close together. How many of the churches were destroyed and how so many Lithuanian people were deported to hard labour camps, imprisoned, or killed. Another amazing viewpoint in the city is the incredible Hill of Three Crosses in Vilnius. They use 3D mapping, virtual reality, various projections and other digital stuff I don't know the name of. Perhaps the best of these was Bernardine Park. The result is a truly unique festival and one of the highlights of Vilnius cultural calendar. I visited Azia Spa as one of my experiences with Tinggly. Just be patient with the traffic and masses of tourists using the crossroads! We recommend Trakai Castle as one of the top things to do in Vilnius, even though it's not in the city. Download App for Free. Inside they play a short film that re-enacts what it was like. My favourite caf was the Augustus Ir Babora Caf which Ill explain more about below. Traveling to Vilnius by Bus, Car, or Train, What to Do in Vilnius | 5 Fun Activities & Day Trips, 1. With St. Anne's Church in the background Bernardine Park was a huge open space with lovely laid out gardens, plenty of grass to run around on, and lots of shade. With its striking shade of yellow and beautiful baroque design, youll notice the Basilian Monastery it in an instant, even from afar! The Church of Casimircan be shot from the outside 24 hours a day. Read my complete Three Cross Hill guide here. So, I cant drink it in huge quantities without falling flat on my face. Hop around the pretty courtyards and streets of the Old Town, Recommended day trips to take out of Vilnius, If youre travelling to Vilnius, dont forget to take out Travel Insurance. 1. I would highly recommend it and you can book onto the tour here. A dark and disturbing testimony to the events that still cast a shadow over the city. The Hill of Crosses is one of the most important attractions in Lithuania and is a symbol of light and hope. But, with traditional Lithuanian mead, you can drink it cold and by the pint; its absolutely delicious! During the Soviet Era, it was converted into a warehouse. 2.Catch the highest view in the City at St John's Church. GIFTEDWe spent ab. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hey there! It is one of the main shopping streets. Things to do in Vilnius in a nutshell Fighting UFO's. This 560 m2 area is separated into several rooms. The ethos behind the event revolves around diversity, both in terms of the music played and the audiences attending, hailing as they do from every social, cultural and ethnic group imaginable, with many travelling here from overseas for the occasion. It is meant to introduce you to the city and make it feel as home. Then you may be interested to know that a lot of it was filmed in Lithuania, mostly in Vilnius! A guide to craft beer in Vilnius and Lithuania. It was made when the railway line between St Petersburg and Vilnius was built and the development of the city demanded it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Fun Things to Do in Vilnius with Kids: Family-friendly activities and fun things to do. Watch on. It is unique in that it also is a Chapel that holds a miraculous . They dress up in reconstructed uniforms from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century as part of an ancient tradition. Find fun things to do in Vilnius this weekend. It has had quite a colourful history since it was built, becoming an Orthodox church, a museum about Atheism during the soviet era, and then going full circle back to a Catholic Church today. I was first introduced to it on my Vilnius walking tour and couldnt help gawking at the pink exterior, with loads of shiny baubles and PINK UNICORNS! At that time Lithuania was Pagan and the people didnt really appreciate the monks bad-mouthing their Lithuanian Gods. 8. Its easy to walk up, open 24 hours a day, and is completely FREE to visit. There are free tours to go inside the Palace on Saturdays. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Chef Matas Paulinas cooked around the world before returning home to cook at Vilnius' Nineteen18. Facebook sets this cookie to show relevant advertisements to users by tracking user behaviour across the web, on sites that have Facebook pixel or Facebook social plugin. Things to do in Vilnius. St. Annes Church is FREE to enter and open daily. There is so much to do on Gediminas Avenue it may take you a while to browse around! The park is a reconstruction by Vladislovas trausas in the 19th century of the gardens that stood here from the 15th century all the way up to World War II. If you happen to go on a Saturday, theres even a FREE walking tour! This zen space can be found in the heart of the Old Town and is extremely popular. Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle in Vilnius The Ultimate Guide, Eravikulam National Park 15 Essential Tip You Must Know Before Visiting. Car Rental Car Rental. The palace has a long and noble history and has stood here since the 14th century during the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. They were originally built across swamps to be used for escape routes from foreign invaders, known only to locals and undetectable from the surface, providing a safe shortcut between villages and hill forts. Bernardine Park. Tickets cost 3 Euros and its only open in the Summer. 7 were executed and thrown from Bleak hill and the other 7 were crucified thrown into the Vilnia River. Finally, in 1870, the three parks that were next to each other, the Botanical Gardens, the Cathedral Park, and Bernadine gardens, all became one park.

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