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But Shoaf devised a plan to make him see her as a person, and not just a captive. A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator. The dark, psychological drama stars Henry Thomas (E.T.), Julia Lalonde (Anne of Green Gables) and Moira Kelly (One Tree Hill) and is set to debut Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 at 8pm ET/PT. Stephen Park essays the role of Don Shoaf while Jeff Clarke plays Officer Samuels. I then wasn't chained up at night to go to sleep. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your device and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. She began to gain his trust. We've received your submission. Elizabeths sudden disappearance sparks a massive police search with hundreds of volunteers and officers fanning through miles of dense woodland while helicopters circled overhead. Despite receiving ongoing death threats and having explosives hung around her neck, she "would talk with him about things that interested him, which in his eyes, made her a person, not just a captive. Shoaf later made several media appearances, including a 2008 episode of the Today show, on which Meredith Vieira did a profile of Shoaf and her family, commenting on her calmness throughout such a horrific event. Once inside, Vinson chained Elizabeth up and raped her several times a day. When Filyaw eventually allowed Shoaf to exit the bunker, she pulled her hair out and placed strands on branches so that search dogs could pick up her scent. 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Is a Proud Mom of 14: See Her Kids Today! Great jobs by the lead actress Julia Lalonde who played Elizabeth Shaof the victim and by the lead actor Henry Thomas, who played perpetrator Vinson Filyaw. You know, I could only go so far and I couldn't go no further," her mother Madeline Shoaf told NBC News. Once he fell asleep, she texted her mother and friends, who contacted the police. Elizabeths sudden disappearance sparks a massive police search with hundreds of volunteers and officers fanning through miles of dense woodland while helicopters circle overhead. Still, Filyaw received a jaw-dropping 421-year sentence. Based on a true story. Awwww, you go, Jin Hua for capturing your precious family moments! Girl Wakes Up In A Bunker With 2 Unknown Men She Can't Leave Or Elses | Movie Recaps, Summary, Story Recapped, Movie Recap, Film Recap film titled 10 Cloverf. Her captor was eventually caught and sentenced to 421 years behind bars for kidnapping, rape, and a slew of other charges. Lesson is that it is dangerous to live ignorant life and ignore even small warnings we may notice in neighborhood. Elizabeth, still locked up, realizes that nobody is coming to save her, and she must plan out her own escape. Voici l'histoire vraie de ce qui s'est pass et de ce qu'Elizabeth Shoaf est en train de faire. Filyaw's interaction with Shoaf was also explored on the "Underground Terror" episode of Investigation Discovery's Surviving Evil series, hosted by fellow crime survivor Charisma Carpenter, on September 9, 2013. Abducted on her way home from school. He would sexually assault her several times a day over the next 10 days. The former girlfriend who made the call to Kershaw County's Department of Social Services passed on Filyaw's cell phone number to the police. "To pretend I enjoyed the sexual assault," Shoaf told MS News Now. See the 'Counting On' Kids' Houses, Look How Much the Little Couple's Kids Will and Zoey Have Grown Up, Every Look From the Kardashian-Jenner Family at the 2021 Met Gala, Gabby Petito's Texts Show 'More and More Tension' With Brian Laundrie, The 'Gone Girl' Kidnapping Couple Is $2.5 Million Richer After Suing Their City for Defamation, The Crazy Conspiracy Theory That Beyonc Kidnapped Sia Still Lives on Today, 5 True Crime Moments Caught on Camera That Will Seriously Keep You up All Night, Not Meant to Be! It's a Boy Girl Thing is a 2006 romantic comedy film directed by Nick Hurran and written by Geoff Deane, starring Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong and set in the United States but produced in the United Kingdom. Set to premiere at 8 PM on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, the film will be followed at 10 PM by the docu-special Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker, which recounts the terrifying true story in Shoafs own words. A ghost hunter claims to have seen the ghostly figure of a 'little girl' lurking in the supposedly haunted house where the 2021 horror movie A Savannah Haunting was filmed. She is held captive in a bunker in the nearby woods. "I look at her all the time and think what she went through and how she did it," her father, Don Shoaf, told Today in 2008. Just scared I was going to die, she told MS News Now in 2013. This content is imported from twitter. When he fell asleep, she texted her mother her location. Jack Duncan, Filyaws defense lawyer, said ahead of sentencing that his client suffered from paranoia, delusions and alcoholism. Director: Stephen Kemp. A ghost hunter claims to have spotted a ghostlike image of what he believes to be a 'little girl' lurking in a supposedly 'haunted' house where a recent horror movie was filmed. Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 is an impressive application which allows you to easily and quickly create high-quality content for film, broadcast, web, and more. Ariel Tyson's TikTok video has been seen more than 25.7 million times and counting. Had this movie just a bit more details, it could be worth 10 stars. The Headlands are popular because of their stunning views of the Bay Area, especially of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's essentially the story of a very intelligent 14 year old girl who is able to escape a kidnapper in large part due to her own efforts and a clever ploy by the police. It simply takes faith, it takes talking to someone and encouragement that its not the end of the world., Her parents are also impressed by the bravery their daughter showed. However, in 2013, it was reported that she was working as a dental assistant and just trying to live a normal life. In Italia il film stato distribuito il 25 settembre 2018. [1] The story aired on Dateline NBC on March 7, 2008. After 10 days in captivity,[1] the victim convinced Filyaw to let her borrow his cellular phone to play games, but she had an entirely different use in mind. He sexually assaulted me many times throughout the day. Eventually, she was able to convince her captor to let her use his cellphone to play games. You can find out more and change our default settings with Cookies Settings. The movie was shot in the enthralling expanse of Los Angeles, California. Streaming Girl in the Bunker (2018) Bluray Drama When Elizabeth is abducted by a fugitive sexual predator, she realizes she must take matters into her own hands and plot her escape. Room. But after 10 days in captivity, Shoaf outsmarted her captor by convincing him to let her borrow his cell phone to play games. "I'm the perfect example of what can happen," she told dozens of mothers and daughters in 2013 at Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, sharing her warning to be cautious around strangers, according to WISTV.com. Exclusive first look: Lifetime's "Girl in the Bunker" (Clip 1), Exclusive first look: Lifetime's "Girl in the Bunker" (Clip 2), My Teenage Son Brutally Murdered My Baby Girl, Former Model Recalls Escaping the Manson Murders, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. The 14-year-old was on her way home from school in Lugoff, South Carolina, on Sept. 6, 2006, when the man dressed in combat fatigues handcuffed her, walked her into the woods, and then held her captive in a hand-dug underground bunker for 10 days, during which he repeatedly raped her. [3], Filyaw pleaded guilty to all counts just before the start of the trial. The city is home to some of the biggest productions in Hollywood, and it is no surprise that the movie was shot there. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Narrator: "This is how it's supposed to be. "To tell him I loved him and I want to run away with him. I was happy.. Girl in the Bunker follows last years Lifetime original movie Girl in the Box, based on the true story of Colleen Stan, who was abducted and held captive by Cameron and Janice Hooker. The producers of the film are David Furnish, Steve Hamilton Shaw of Rocket Pictures and Martin F. Katz of Prospero Pictures. Read More: Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix. Elizabeths story was shared on NBCs The Today Show in 2008. Finally I heard somebody yell my name and they came and took me to the hospital. It simply takes faith, it takes talking to someone and encouragement that it's not the end of the world.". Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. Why? I love suspense films, but this was to much. First of all, I must say that the 2018 movie "Girl in the Bunker" is definitely a movie that is well-worth watching. Nonton Film Online Girl in the Bunker (2018) Gratis XX1 Bioskop Online Movie Sub Indo Netflix dan Iflix IndoXXI. Kalani, who believes this alleged sighting to be among the best he's ever captured, said: "We had a variety of different ghost hunting tools go off, but catching the apparition on camera and the camera being turned on were two of my best catches to date. "In the middle of the night, I would just get up and walk out of my driveway and would just walk across the street to this empty lot and just stand there. A well done movie that didn't stray far from the true events it was based on. Her story is even the focus of a new Lifetime movie Girl in the Bunker starring Henry Thomas (E.T. She's in a hole.". As always you can unsubscribe at any time. When our family is harmonious, we prosper." Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No one else has my cell phone,'" she said. The police was then notified, and they soon found a way to get to her kidnapper named Vinson Filyaw, an unemployed then-36-year-old construction worker. Authorities moved in, eventually finding Elizabeth wandering on her own. Kelly portrays Elizabeths mother Madeline. That rallied police who initially had considered her a runaway, and they were able to zero in on Vinson Filyaw, then an unemployed 36-year-old construction worker and a suspect in an unrelated sexual assault. "She told me exactly where she was, down the road, which road it was get the police. He walked her around in circles in the nearby wood, leaving her disoriented. Once inside, he stripped her naked, restrained her with chains, and raped her several times a day over the duration of her 10-day captivity. Except the man, dressed in combat fatigues, wasn't a cop. Elizabeth Shoaf's abductor approached her pretending to be a police officer. In Touch Weekly is part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. L'un des rles principaux a t interprt par Deborah Lukumuena. "Many people have reported strange experiences in the house even before knowing it was rumoured to be haunted. Deborah Lukumuena. A documentary, Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker, featuring Elizabeth, her parents, and police officers followed the movie, providing even more details about the incident which took place nearly 12 years ago. Recounting her capture and eventual escape, the made-for-TV movie brings her horrifying story to life and reminds viewers just how brave Elizabeth is. Girl in the Bunker is a Cineflix (Captive) Inc. production with Kemp and Tremayne (Girl in the Box) executive producing. 5/10 Based on a true story. Girl in the Bunker is a Cineflix (Captive) Inc. production with Stephen Kemp and Charles Tremayne (Girl in the Box) executive producing. The then 14-year-old was luckily able to escape and now her story is a Lifetime Original movie, Girl in the Bunker. Following last years harrowing true story, Girl in the Box that reached over two million viewers, Lifetime presents the disturbing new original movie Girl in the Bunker, based on the true story of Elizabeth Shoaf who was abducted and held captive in a hidden underground bunker. Ariel Tyson was planning for a home water birth and she got one. Its the longest specific sentence, I think, in South Carolina history, Duncan said, according to the State. [citation needed], Filyaw was five miles from his house, carrying a taser, pellet gun, and knife, when he was arrested. The movie was filmed in the lavish land of Los Angeles. Send it to us! At the mercy of a dangerous and psychologically unhinged captor, Vinson Filyaw (Thomas), a fugitive sexual predator, Elizabeth realizes that in order to survive, she must take matters into her own hands and gradually begins to win his trust as she plots her escape. Director Stephen Kemp Writer Stephen Kemp Stars Julia Lalonde Henry Thomas Moira Kelly See production, box office & company info Watch on Hulu While walking to school, Elizabeth encountered her kidnapper, Vinson, who was posing as a police officer. She's in a hole," Madeline Shoaf told CNN at the time. When Elizabeth is abducted by a fugitive sexual predator, she realizes she must win his trust and plot her own escape. Filyaw also had three other bunkers around Kershaw County, according to the State. The film packed quite a bit of the true life crime events in the 88 minute film without ever over sensationalizing some of the more horrific moments this young teenager experienced while in captivity. The courageous girl was commended for her calmness throughout such a horrific ordeal. More than a decade later, Shoaf is now 26 years old. The scenes comprising the woods took place in this area. [2] "Not only was she very brave, she was also very smart and did several things that greatly improved her chances of survival," said Captain David Thomley of the Kershaw County Sheriffs Department.[2]. - but as it turned out this was considerably better than their norm. After her ordeal, Elizabeth Shoaf turned the case of her abduction into activism. According to WIST, she also volunteers her time partnering with the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department to educate parents and children about stranger danger. In a 2013 interview, Shoaf said she works as a dental assistant and spends her free time exercising and taking self-defense classes at a karate studio. But she had a plan. Couple hours later, if that. During the time she spent there, he repeatedly raped her. Girl est le premier long mtrage d'Onashile, bas Glasgow, nomm l'une des stars de demain 2021 de Screen International 2. Another agreed that it 'definitely looks like something trying to manifest itself', while a third swore they could see the likeness of an old lady'. . The claims of paranormal activity here were very high and I wanted to see it for myself.". Immediately following the premiere of the film, the docu-special "Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker," which recounts the terrifying true story in Elizabeth Shoaf's own words, will air at 10pm ET/PT. He was convicted of kidnapping and raping Elizabeth Shoaf, a 14-year-old girl from Lugoff, South Carolina, in 2006, holding her captive in an underground bunker . She disclosed that she was stripped naked, chained, and repeatedly raped by Filyaw in the darkness of the bunker. As Filyaw learned about the ensuing manhunt, the man started to panic and approached Elizabeth for help. A crew member named Angie Danielson posted a picture during production clicked on location. The promos for this movie made it seem like a titillating exploitation piece on the order of previous Lifetime excursions into stories (sometimes derived from real ones) of women being kidnapped and held as sex slaves for months or even years, including "Cleveland Abduction" and Kemp's previous "Girl in the Box", etc. "Hey mom, it's Lizzie," Madeline Shoaf recalled the message as saying, she told CNN in 2006. There were strong performances all around, especially by the actress portraying Elizabeth Shoaf and her kidnapper. It's 2006 Lugoff, South Carolina. 5.8 /10 1K YOUR RATING Rate POPULARITY 4,601 283 Play trailer 1:04 1 Video 5 Photos Drama A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator. It additionally features news footage and interviews where Elizabeth, her parents, and police officials have contributed to presenting her story to the world. ), Julia Lalonde (Anne of Green Gables) and Moira Kelly (One Tree Hill). The description, per Lifetime: While Elizabeth (Lalonde) is walking home from the school bus stop, a man dressed as sheriffs deputy handcuffs her for marijuana possession. Something went wrong, please try again later. ", This page was last edited on 24 October 2022, at 01:41. [1] Shoaf's poise and calm while she was held captive was considered remarkable by people involved with missing children cases. Filyaw was captured five miles away and arrested. Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker online full movie. Country Living editors select each product featured. Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker guarda Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker in linea gratis | Guarda film online attraverso i migliori video HD 1080p gratuiti su desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro e altro ancora. Elizabeth Shoaf was abducted and held hostage in an underground lair. Couple hours later, if that.". Writer-director Stephen Kemp derived the movies source material from the real-life account of a girl named Elizabeth Shoaf, who was abducted and held captive by a man disguised as a policeman. And just prayed.". The movie follows a young girl named Elizabeth, handcuffed by a man dressed as a deputy sheriff. Girl in the Bunker is a 2018 TV film that aired on Lifetime that told about the kidnapping of Elizabeth Shoaf at the hands of Vinson Filyaw. [4] The victim, Shoaf, was too emotional to testify, but a prepared statement was read by her attorney and she later made a public statement. Have a tip? Do you have a scary story to share? Others however had less supernatural explanations for the apparent apparition, which a fourth person put down to 'the reflection of the lamp in the window'. Meet Catfish's Kamie Crawford's Ex-Boyfriend Gordon, 90 Day Fiance's Paul and Karine's Sons Are 'Thriving' in Foster Care, Anna Duggar Is Constantly Praying About the Future of Her Marriage, Holly Madison 'Didn't Feel Protected' Against Negativity by Hugh Hefner, Chelsea Houska Reveals How She Landed HGTV Series, Talks Cringey Past, 90 Day Fiance's Paul, Karine 'Were Both Guilty' Amid Custody Battle, Sister Wives Meri, Janelle and Christine Not Seeking Spousal Support, Brad Pitt Is Enjoying Every Moment of Ines De Ramon Romance, Jenelle Evans Trying to Help Former BFF Taylor Lewis' Family After Death. The authorities then began to triangulate the bunker's position through local cell phone towers. Kalani believes this to be a ghostly image of the 'side profile of a little girl'. [1] [2] Contents 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 References 4 External links Plot [ edit] Cast [ edit] Julia Lalonde as Elizabeth Shoaf The film stars Julia Lalonde, Henry Thomas, and Moira Kelly. Other cast members include Neil Napier as Sheriff Thompson, Dimitri Komocsi as Bobby Shoaf, Nikki Graham as Amanda, Tristan Culbert as Case Palmerston, Jack Murray as Officer Kitson, and many more. [1], Filyaw died in prison at McCormick Correctional Institution on May 3, 2021, at the age of 51; no cause of death has been determined.[5][6]. Kemp is also the writer and director. A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator.A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator.A teenage girl is abducted and held in a forest in an underground bunker by a sexual predator. He was charged with kidnapping, possession of an incendiary device (a flare gun), and impersonating a police officer, with other charges pending. Well, given the storyline, despite it being something that might not sit well with everyone in the audience, but also because of some good acting performances. "I'm still amazed.". Il film stato selezionato per rappresentare il Belgio ai premi Oscar 2019 nella categoria Oscar al miglior film in lingua straniera. Based on the true story of Elizabeth Shoaf who was abducted and held captive in a hidden underground bunker. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. Against her protests, he then marches her deep into the woods and places her in an underground bunker. Girl In The Bunker dramatizes the ordeal of Elizabeth Shoaf, who, according to CNN, was abducted and held in an underground bunker for over a week when she was a teenager. A number of followers were left shuddering at the footage, with one TikTok user commenting: "There's another face next to the lamp on the right". Her mother (Moira Kelly) is immediately searching for her. Now 48, he currently is being held in "statewide protective custody," a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Corrections tells PEOPLE.

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